HighSchool Is Boring

It's better to finish school online

... Why?

Are you sick and tired of being forced to go to school and having to endure mindless boring work and stupid idiots all day long?

You can finish all the same classwork at home and probably much faster if you could do it yourself without being held back by stupid people and schedules. You can, but you need your parents permission in order to leave school.

If you care about actually learning useful things, unschooling and homeschooling will be of more interest to you than public school. However, it can be hard to talk to your parents about those ideas because a lot of parents (and teachers, and everyone else) seem to think that schooling and learning are the same thing. This is why online high school may be an easier alternative to actually try.

Online high school has all the same curriculum and classes and work and tests as a regular school, but the only real difference is that it's all online and that there's nobody to force you to work on a specific thing at a specific time. You set whatever time works for you. You can talk to teachers online if you need help, or hang out with friends at any time that works for you.

If your parents worry that you'll become a hermit because of lack of socialization, just tell them what socialization is like at your school already. It's a bunch of people stuck in a place that they don't particularly like, full of cliques and bullies and teachers who yell at anyone who tries to actually have a conversation. Or, the latest craze is to punish students who hug each other. What kind of a social setting is that? You'd be much better off in the real world without all those crazy restrictions.

It should be easier to get your parents on your side for this, since you get a regular high school diploma when you finish, and because you'll probably learn to be more responsible and to manage your time better than you would if you attended school the normal way and relied on bells and schedules to tell you what to do next.

Here's how:

... to be continued...